Blogpost #6

I was a little worried I would eventually get bored with my genius hour project since we worked with it for so long, but I actually really enjoyed it! I learned that a lot of people are actually in favor of educational video games. I thought there would be a lot more people against them because of the stigma against video games at a young again. However, I was pleasantly surprised that man people are very open to the idea of using video games to supplement and encourage a child’s learning.

If I were to present this project, I would have the group to whom I was presenting play an educational video game, such as Lemonade Stand or Roller Coaster Tycoon. I would then ask what skills this helped improve and how they could see it supplementing what a child is already learning in school. I would then present some of the statistics which show how many children already play video games regularly and how many parents are okay with their child’s video game usage. I wild also use direct quotes from my interview with Jake to show that kids actually do enjoy these kinds of games.

I think after doing this project I am much more open to the idea of kids using video games. When I have my own kids, I would definitely let hem play these kinds of games. If I do end up becoming a teacher, I would definitely be likely to recommend to use of games to help strengthen what we are already learning in the classroom.


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