Stop Animation Project



Kelly and I did our Stop Animation project on Jackie Robinson. We are both really interested in sports and he was a very important person in baseball as well as in the fight for Civil  Rights. Our video addresses the SS2H1 Standard for 2nd Grade- “The Student will read about and describe the lives of Historical People in Georgia History.” I think the use of pictures in this video help tell the story really well an provide a better understanding than if we were just reading or talking about Jackie Robinson. We kept it kind of simple because it was just for second graders, but still taught a lot about Jackie Robinson and the struggles he went through. I think our creativity shows in the music choice for this video. We worked hard to find the song we felt matched up best with our story. I think using the same cutout of Jackie’s head was also creative and helped the story flow nicely. I think young students trying to learn more about Jackie Robinson and historical figures can benefit from this video. Also, I think teachers could find it helpful to show in the classroom because it it very short and concise but gives  a good summary of Jackie Robinson. I think I would tell other students that are trying to make a video to take lots of pictures!!! You can never have too many pictures. Make sure the movements are very small to make it flow smoothly and choosing the right music is very important.


Blogpost #6

I was a little worried I would eventually get bored with my genius hour project since we worked with it for so long, but I actually really enjoyed it! I learned that a lot of people are actually in favor of educational video games. I thought there would be a lot more people against them because of the stigma against video games at a young again. However, I was pleasantly surprised that man people are very open to the idea of using video games to supplement and encourage a child’s learning.

If I were to present this project, I would have the group to whom I was presenting play an educational video game, such as Lemonade Stand or Roller Coaster Tycoon. I would then ask what skills this helped improve and how they could see it supplementing what a child is already learning in school. I would then present some of the statistics which show how many children already play video games regularly and how many parents are okay with their child’s video game usage. I wild also use direct quotes from my interview with Jake to show that kids actually do enjoy these kinds of games.

I think after doing this project I am much more open to the idea of kids using video games. When I have my own kids, I would definitely let hem play these kinds of games. If I do end up becoming a teacher, I would definitely be likely to recommend to use of games to help strengthen what we are already learning in the classroom.